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Connect, Empower & Create Results

Laquita Brooks is a visionary, raised in Kenner, LA, where she has over 14 years experience as a real estate agent. Mrs. Brooks has sold millions of dollars worth of inventory in real estate, based on her dynamic vision, and goal setting strategies.

No stranger to business, Laquita owned 2 hair salons for over 14 years. Along with her husband, she also owned and operated a package and delivery company with nearly 2 dozen employees. Her extensive business experience and knowledge, combined with her humble beginnings, give her a unique ability to connect, empower, and create results.

Laquita believes in giving back, and paying it forward in life. Her realistic approaches to challenging situations are based on her unwavering faith in Christ, and her devotion to volunteering in her community. Mrs. Brooks organizes and facilitates food, donation, and gifting events for Christmas and Thanksgiving. These events help children, adults, and families alike. Her inspiring personality and take charge nature is only matched by the efforts she extends to her community. Her years of mentorship and volunteerism led to her founding the NOLA Women’s Empowerment Group, which provides training in business, marketing, health, and career advancement.


Laquita loves traveling, choir, volunteering with her church, and inspiring others. She is a proud mother, teaching her children the values of hard work, determination, and pride. The legacy she wishes to leave for her children is also one she wishes to leave on her community, and all the lives she touches. She can only be described as a real “go-getter”. She’s passionate about leveraging her own strategies into actions that motivate others into creating effective changes for themselves.

Laquita’s life was changed forever when she lost a close relative, suddenly, from surgery complications. Her approach to handling this unfortunate tragedy was to turn it into an inspiring event, motivating her even further. She uses this to fuel her passion and as a platform to teach others how to find liberation from fears, strength from weakness, hope from defeat. As a guru of self-motivation, Laquita aims to help others learn her core methodology, of creating opportunities. “If you can’t find it, create it” as she often says. Laquita speaks on a variety of topics from patenting to social media marketing; from networking strategies to goal setting.

"The Motivational Maven"

Laquita Brooks